Internet + Technology

We are a group of people dedicated to innovation and providing "Internet + Technology" service, with abundant experience in e-commerce platform development.

Innovative Thinking

We have kept researched more high-end technical platform according to user experience. We expect you who possess creativity, positiveness, passion, and enjoy team work to join us. Let’s discover, explore, and fulfill what our clients need. Create your own career path here! Welcome talents who has ideal and enthusiasm to join our team and grow together.


Integrity & Win-Win

We’ve kept growing stably since established. We expand our team from 10 to over 100 people of elites; developing from single to multiple platform of game. We believe integrity is the base of corporation;
Win-Win is the principle of business.

Perfection & Innovation

BoYu is in search of perfection, optimization, and innovation. We have already explored the advanced mobile internet field while traditional gaming field is relatively mature. Besides, we’ve got an awesome victory! Successful products will not only satisfy clients’ need but bring out plentiful enjoyment for our player and partners.
We continue to polish our service and products.

Operation Maintenance & Development

We have high-class technical team and service system to fulfill your requirement. To face the variant market, we are able to customize product independently. Mature after-sales team to provide 24h service. We offer precise product positioning through our excellent perspective and market analysis.


Game API Integration

Provide API integration service to other partners’ platform.

Customized Game Development

Remarkable R&D team to develop high quality game.

Professional Hardware Equipment & Internet Service

We have advanced server, switch, firewall which can provide each client a high efficient connection independently. Enjoying the high speed bandwidth and stable platform service are your privileges.

The Solution of Technical Support

We get a huge group of technical support team to solve the problem on both PC and Mobile platform.


Providing transcendent mobile internet solution and humanized technical support; being active to extend our business in Asia to create the best merit are our long-term objectives we have pursued.

  • Strategy

  • Implement

  • Creativity

  • Globalization


BoYu offers you a competitive salary structure, abundant welfare, and an energetic environment!

We have flexible working hour (9:00~9:30AM to 18:00~18:30PM). Convenient parking environment make your car get rid of the rain, and no need to fight for the parking spot with others. High end office locates at the side of Ji-Long River looking into the distance with Taipei 101. We also provide delicious coffee and snack for free. It seems that we sit on the coffee shop besides the Eiffel Tower creating our own career life. Our salary structure is more competitive than others. Not only do we work energetically, but we play crazily.
In 2015, we took a trip to Hokkaido playing the snow.
In 2016, we travel the Guam to parachute.
In 2017, we are waiting for you to create the memory with us together.
One thing I left behind, we get a nice compensation scheme on staff travel!

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BoYu continues booming! We get a group of talents. We will be even stronger if you join us! Welcome someone with passion and confidence toward software gamine industry to work with us!

Do not hesitate. I-want-to-apply is all you need to choose now. Take action to see what will you find out.

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