Complete Talent Cultivation Plan

If You Want-

Cheerful working environment, Transcendent Techniques, Creativity. Join us NOW! Because we have it all!

As friend & Family atmosphere-

How come you don’t have friends and family to share and learn together, if you are passionate to take challenge and learn! We have plan toward your growth secretly while you devote your effort to company. We provide versatile training and education compensation. Moreover, we have a joyful birthday celebration every month and Happy Hour; department reunion feast, we have close relation with each other. Professional masseur help you to release pressure and comfort your body.

Better-than-average welfare

BoYu is full of vitality, offering you a competitive salary and super rich welfare.

  • Fixed 14 months basic salary.

  • 3 Chinese festivals bonus; marriage & funeral compensation.

  • 10 days annual leaves which is better than labor law. We give additional 2 days personal leaves and 6 days sick leaves with payment.

  • Except for Labor and National Health Insurance, we also provide you Group Insurance (including Accident Hospital Medical Insurance.) We care about your health more than yourself. Besides, we offer annual healthy examination with half day official leave. Work & life balance!


BoYu continues booming! We get a group of talents. We will be even stronger if you join us! Welcome someone with passion and confidence toward software gamine industry to work with us!

Do not hesitate. I-want-to-apply is all you need to choose now. Take action to see what will you find out.

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